Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ZIP Slovenia is Proud to Help Organize the Third Conference


Adress: Svetosavska 24, 1000 Ljubljana,  Slovenia
Mobile: : + 386 (0) 41 42 3377
Web page:
ZIP, Za in proti, zavod za kulturo dialoga/Pro et contra, institute for culture of dialogue  was established in 1998 as a non-governmental and non for profit organization. It co-ordinates, informs, educates, researches and promotes debate activities in order to improve the quality of the culture in dialogue in Slovenia. ZIP considers itself a creator of a peaceful coexistence and communication, it contributes to development of democracy and raises civil awareness of people. ZIP activities among young and other  and dissemination of the above mentioned ideas create a better new world.
ZIP main activities are:
-        coordination of  a network of 60  debate clubs at middle school, high school and university level, annually 1000 young people and 120 teachers involved;
-        organising regional, national and international debate tournaments for middle school, high school and university debaters;
-        organising and running different  debate and advocacy trainings for youth, youth workers,  teachers, elderly, different NGOs ...
-        organising international debate academies;
-        creating different curricula, teachers and students manuals, on-line training materials  for formal and un formal education;
-        organising  and promoting round table discussions, public, Radio,  TV  debates, e-debates  on different topics all over Slovenia. 
ZIP has a long history of successfully implemented projects which involve big number of participants and a lot of activities. In the last five years ZIP together with its network of 60 debate clubs at middle school, highschool and university level annually organized more than 150 events for almost 5000 participants, including workshops, forums, conferences for youth and teachers, debate tournaments, public debates, round table discussions, TV and radio debates … in Slovenia and in other countries.  From 2010 – 2009 we had a weekly 50 –minutes debate programme named Tekma  at national TV, created by youth programme of national TV and our organisation. There were almost 100 emissions prepared on variety of different topics. We published numerous teachers and students manuals e.g Let’s debate about equal opportunities 2008, Let’s debate about European Parliament, 2007 ... which bring some theory about debate and other active methodologies about different content, lessons plans, tips how to develop a multidisciplinary approach towards problems of contemporary world.
The quality of Slovenian debate programme reflects also in the achievements we have at the big international events:
-        at the high school level   3 times Worlds English Foreign Language Champions;  2010 Worlds English Second Language Champions; two times Worlds Best EFL speaker;
-        at the university level European ESL Champion 2010,   Worlds University Best EFL speaker, Worlds University 2nd and 3rd best ESL speaker.
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