Monday, October 29, 2007

Make Hotel Reservations Early

Because Slovenia will be occupying the presidency of the European Union for the next six months hotel rooms in Ljubljana are already 60% full for the weekend of the conference.

Please make reservations early. We will have lots of space in the low cost high school dorm we have arranged, but or more upscale housing you need to act now.

Details are at

Friday, October 19, 2007

Dr. Omar Salahuddin bin Abdullah to be Debate Keynote

<== Omar with university debaters in Korea

Omar is a faculty member at Multi-Media University in Malaysia and is recognized as the father of Asian debating. Omar first debated in University [Leeds, UK] in the early 70s [He says, "Badly! Too much manner and almost zero substance"]. Got involved as a coach/trainer of Debaters in the National University, Malaysia [UKM] in the early 90s. Teams that he has coached have won the Malaysian Nationals [Royals] twice (UKM and UiTM], the All-Asians five times [UKM, MMU and UiTM] and broken consistently at Australs.

Omar Salahuddin has also continued to debate: competitively, as a member of 'Team CWD' on the "adult circuit" in Malaysia, as a member of Team Malaysia [3-time winners of the All-Asian Masters competition, as a member of 'Team Chaos' representing MMU in the Australs in 2003 [Lost in 1/4 finals to eventual Champions from Sydney] and in various exhibition and Model debates.

Omar claims that his 'important skills' are: An ability to navigate by sextant - day or night, having what it takes to make a mean Mexican chillie, competent woodworking skills, the 'kiss of the Blarney' and the common sense to know when not to argue [with life-partners].