Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thanks to Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor for Hosting!

University of Maribor, main buildingImage via WikipediaThe Faculty of Arts at the University of Maribor addresses three basic areas of study: the humanities, social studies, and teacher education or pedagogical studies. Students enroll in programmes which prepare them for pedagogical and nonpedagogical professions in disciplines developed by eleven departments offering both undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes.  The faculty is firmly integrated into the system of European universities, and it cooperates with several well known universities and institutions of higher education in Europe. This assures compatibility of its study programmes, student and staff exchange and cooperation of professors and students in international study and research projects. Successful cooperation depends above all on a partnership relation founded on an equal basis which means that we receive benefits from our partners, but at the same time we need to offer them something in return. Yet we can only give if we are sufficiently interesting and especially if we have knowledge to offer. We need to bear in mind that only the creation of new knowledge brings results that will allow us to assert ourselves at home and abroad. The presence of the faculty on the international university stage enables collaboration and cooperation and demonstrates a commitment to the development of modern study programmes, which will be successful only if we know how to cooperate and together develop efficient study and research activities. International cooperation by the Faculty of Arts offers important educational, research and intellectual relationships within the common European university region - it connects the traditions of European university education with new demands framed by the Bologna process and shows how European tradition and the young Maribor University can successfully supplement each other. The Faculty of Arts is a recognized centre of development of the humanities and social sciences at the University of Maribor, a promoter of positive regionalism in the country, and open for cooperation with the best European faculties and universities. It develops and organizes study programmes and research activities in cooperation with home and European universities and academic institutions. It offers its students an excellent education and professors good conditions for research and pedagogical work. A primary goal of the Faculty of Arts is to expand the research activities of its professors and to encourage their participation in international projects. International cooperation is a significant part of the University of Maribor's agenda on entering the European interuniversity market.
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