Monday, March 24, 2008

Slovenia President, Ljubljana Mayor Support Conference

Danilo Turk, President of Slovenia

We are pleased to announce that the President of Slovenia, Dr. Danilo Turk, has agreed to be the patron of the conference. This is another indication of his support for open discussion and debate and especially his support for debating activities in Slovenia. To see a report about his recent meeting with the Slovenian World Schools debaters, see

<== Zoran Jankovic

We are also pleased to announce that Zoran Jankovic, the mayor of Ljubljana, has also agreed to support the conference. He will host a reception on Friday evening in the historic City Hall for all conference attendees. Mr. Jankovic has previously supported debate events, such as the International Debate Academy held in Slovenia.

Congratulations to conference organizer Bojana Skrt for gaining this amazing support from important officials in Slovenia. Argumentation and debate are surely becoming part of the public scene in Slovenia.

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