Friday, February 29, 2008

News About Conference Facilities

Our venue at the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Administration is looking better and better. Here are some details we now have:
  • Lunch will be served free at a cafe within a few metres of the session venues.
  • Coffee will be available at some coffee bars also right adjacent to the venues.
  • We have six main session rooms, each holding 60 people.
  • We will have a large media room especially designed for movies and videos.
  • We have a main session room that will seat 240 people.
  • There is a beautiful foyer we will use for registration and it is a great mingling space.
  • All rooms have the latest technology, with computer, projector and the capability of meeting your power point presentation needs.
  • We will have a separate room with 25 computer terminals so attendees can have easy access to email and the web.
  • There is a music system in the hallways we can use between sessions.
  • There will be comfortable chairs inside and outside (hopefully, the April weather will be nice) for people to relax in and chat.

We want to thank the Faculty of Administration for being such a generous host!

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