Friday, October 19, 2007

Dr. Omar Salahuddin bin Abdullah to be Debate Keynote

<== Omar with university debaters in Korea

Omar is a faculty member at Multi-Media University in Malaysia and is recognized as the father of Asian debating. Omar first debated in University [Leeds, UK] in the early 70s [He says, "Badly! Too much manner and almost zero substance"]. Got involved as a coach/trainer of Debaters in the National University, Malaysia [UKM] in the early 90s. Teams that he has coached have won the Malaysian Nationals [Royals] twice (UKM and UiTM], the All-Asians five times [UKM, MMU and UiTM] and broken consistently at Australs.

Omar Salahuddin has also continued to debate: competitively, as a member of 'Team CWD' on the "adult circuit" in Malaysia, as a member of Team Malaysia [3-time winners of the All-Asian Masters competition, as a member of 'Team Chaos' representing MMU in the Australs in 2003 [Lost in 1/4 finals to eventual Champions from Sydney] and in various exhibition and Model debates.

Omar claims that his 'important skills' are: An ability to navigate by sextant - day or night, having what it takes to make a mean Mexican chillie, competent woodworking skills, the 'kiss of the Blarney' and the common sense to know when not to argue [with life-partners].


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